ANybody with expeience of generic and non OEM batteries for Nikon DSLR ?


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Thanks to to some v helpful people here I have taken the plunge into DSLR photography this last week and invested in a Nikon D50.

Amongst the multitude of things I need to learn about I forgot one of the basics and ended up running out of power half way through a day of shooting yesterday :thumbsdow

So I need to invest in some extra power for my new toy - looking on Ebay and one or two other places there are plenty of replacement batteries at a fraction of the cost of the OEM one. Does anybody have any experience of using such batteries ? Are they going to damage my machine or give up the ghost up after 5 charges etc etc

All views much appreciated.



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Got my battery here & it works as well as the original Nikon ... Paul ;)

Nick Cartwright

I got a Uniross for my Oly 500, it was £12.99. I'm sure they make replacements for all makes. This was a bargain as the Oly batery is £70!!!

In a test I found of all replacements, the Iniross comes out top too, which was a bonus. Plus it has a 2 year warranty and is a reputable make.


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Yep, got a 7dayshop one for my D70, works just as well as the Nikon original. Might not last as long (but equally could do better), even if it doesn't I can just get one or two more and still spend less than on a Nikon original.

The only ones I would avoid would be cheap ones sold as Nikon originals, I would suspect they are either (a) Counterfeit, or (b) Old stock which may not have been properyl stored.

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