Anybody with a C9/B9 from 2019 who has burn in from gaming?


I am curious how many people have suffered burn in from gaming on their C9/B9 2019 models from gaming? If so, how many hours a day would you play and what games did you play and what screen settings like HDR or SDR did you use? I see a lot of older models come up on this forum from 2016-2017. Wondered how the newer ones fair.


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I do think there are issues with 2017 model that a small number of people encounter. LG have put this to to the processor over heating and causing burning in on the screen. Other reports are patchy. some for sure have burn in and other reports look more fake. So it's hard to known the exact numbers.

2019 it I would seem too soon to know. If your gaming every day and watch little TV/Films then less advantages for OLED.

Don't get me wrong I think OLEDs the way to go for movies and my 2014 OLED has no issues, but I don't watch news channels and not a gamer. I thinking of a 2019 set myself as tv will be 6 this year and also interest in the views of others.


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I have a C8 and looking at my PS4 2019 wrap up all these hours were played on my C8 and I have zero burn in issues, ran coloured slides last night and looks as clean as it did on day one!

These numbers aren't even entirely accurate as I actually have more time on RDR2 but if you can play games for 400+ hours on an OLED without issue then imo they are absolutely fine for all but the most hardcore of gamers.

I did however have a E6 that did get burn in but not from gaming directly but from something on the console OS (PS Plus logo) but I used the console browser quite a lot and the logo was always on screen so must have been thousands of hours of cumulative showing which seems to be the issue, when something has displayed for thousands of hours then it's a problem.

Just my experience, not a pro.



Just had my b7 replaced after burn in after 2 years I did not look after it at all much to my shame hope b9 doesn't get it if so I'm done with oled I play games for around 3 hours a time no issues yet


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Trouble is 2019 isn't a long time to define the problem or not. The only way you would find out is if you had a time machine and could go forward 3 years.

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