Anybody (plumbers in particular) willing to offer some advice?


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At the moment I'm in the process of attempting to fit a new bathroom but appear to be being "kyboshed" at every turn. Hoping to put a pumped thermostatic shower in but unfortunately have now realised that the pipe work from the pump has to go "up and over"; ie, back up into the loft from the airing cupboard (where the pump is going to be sited) through the loft for about 3 feet prior to dropping back down into the bathrrom.

I know this sounds a bit of a convolued way of getting water to a shower but the only other way is to take up God knows how may floorboards :( .

Basicaly, what I'm after is whether my idea is possble and if so do I need to know anything is particular? Also, has anyone tried this and does it actually work??


Cheers all


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I am NOT a plumber.
But i have had involvement with very very larger motors. i.e pumps. I doubt a domestic unit is much different in principle. I believe the only consideration of note is whether the pump is rated or capable of that much head of water, i.e 8ft, 10ft, whatever. I was always under the impression that these things were happiest pretty close to the outlet however.
Again, i am not a plumber.


I don't think you'll have any problems. Our hot water tank is downstairs, and it feeds a power-shower upstairs. The pipe run from the pump to the shower has to be at least 9 feet, all uphill.

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