Anybody own a 51 inch Bush rptv ??

On behalf of a mate who is on a budget
and will prob use Kays catalogue( i Know)
Seems to be mindset on the Bush 51 inch ws crt rptv
told him the 42" got poor reviews
But anybody own the bush 51 or the 42
Is the pic acceptable ??
Any owner reviews would be a great help

cheers :suicide:


Given the brand, it'll be a miracle if this is any good.
I know what you mean
But it may have had some kind of update of some sort?
So if possible any owners like to give a verdict


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Seriously man, I can't understand if someone is going to spend £800 on a TV and buy a budget piece if rubbish. Why not get a decent 32" LCD? You could get one HD Ready at £800. If you're gonna buy a DLP then it is worth while making sure it is HD Ready. An extra few hundred quid could go a LONG LONG way. My advice would be, avoid this trash, despite the illusion that it is cheap. BUSH are the Gola, Minardi, Wigan Athletic, Easy Jet etc of electronics.
!wigan! thanks for the reminder
I did mention about the toshiba. sony etc
are the sony lcd models built to last did read 18 months then expensive parts go ?
but with a straght face he said he did not like the cabinet style !!!


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Fair enough LOL! Put it this way, I would be amazed if you went 18 months with the BUSH and didn't have a problem! The Sony was just an example. I know Sony are now quoting an average lifetime on their RP TV bulbs of 30,000 hours, which is mammoth compared to most others.

I don't know if it's true but my brother mentioned that BUSH are owned by Sony. It's pretty much irrelevant becaus they're **** anyway. Put it like this. A 50" Sony LCD is gonna impress your mates way more than a 51" Bush.

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