Anybody know what LDVS is?




I bought a new Techwood TWP4210 plasma, which seems to be bearing up rather well, and I'm pretty pleased with it so far.

I have been going through a process of upgrading cables to IXOS and QED ones, which seems to be paying dividends, however, I am trying to replace the cable from the AV unit to the plasma (labled LVDS) and this seems to be non-standard, i.e. not DVI.

Wondered whether anybody had tried or managed to replace this cable or knew where I might be able to get hold of a higher quality replacement?





I recently bought the same screen and am in the process of upgrading my leads, did you ever find a replacement or upgrade for the one labelled LDVS?

I seem to be finding the same problem as you.

Please reply.


Chris Muriel

Distinguished Member
Does it actually say LVDS as Jonty wrote ?
(As oposed to LDVS).

LVDS is Low Voltage Differential Signalling.
It's a high speed digital terminated interface often used to communicate between fast digital ICs (especially FPGAs for those who know what these are).
This is different from the TMDS method used for DVI and HDMI (TMDS is Transition Minimised Differential Signalling and achieves the same purpose but the two are incompatible) .
LVDS is older and the equivalent interface standard (compared to DVI) is FPD = Flat Panel Display or occasionally Flatlink.

Armed with this information you may be able to find out more using Google.

Chris Muriel, Manchester


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You can get the replacement cable here


Sorry Chris,

Yes, it says LVDS as Jonty said. Oops. Bit new to this !

I have looked at the link Jshaw sent but that cable looks exactly like the one i have and the site gives no info on the product at all !

For £60 i wanna make sure its some sort of upgrade not just a replacement.

Any thoughts ?


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