Anybody Help Me Before Everything Flies Out Of The Window!!


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Having major problems getting anything near like connecting to live.

I have sorted broadband connection with talk talk which is all up and running, i have installed their software and modem to test the connection etc.

i have since purchased a modem/router to enable to set a network to use live etc, but my laptop doesn't recognise the router or connect to the internet via this. after getting talktalk settings etc.

i have used the guide (as best i can) and even tried ICS using the modem in the USB (which didn't work)

i am far from computer minded and this is really making my blood boil!!!

anybody help me :lease: :lease:


Which router do you have? What else have you got on your network, desktop, laptop and Xbox? Is is wired or wireless? Will help if I can but will need some more details first.


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its an all wired set up, i currently have the following:

phone line, microfilter on the end, cable to modem (not router) cable from modem to laptop.

this is just a bog standard connection to get everything up and running (modem is talktalk supllied)

this is what i have tried.... (and didnt work)

phone line, microfilter on end, cable to modem router (edimax) cable from router to laptop, cable from router to xbox (not switched on)

i un-installed the supplied talktalk software, and re-installed selecting "set up using existing modem/router" hoping to be able to simply use the edimax, all seemed to be going very well (have settings etc) then the damn thing just doesn't connect. tried and tried again, to no avail, and patience isn't one of my strong points!!

any help or advice would be much appreciated



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First off if you have a router then throw away ALL the USB cables. You need RJ45 cables to connect up correctly.
From telephone socket to Router fit cable, from router to PC connect via RJ45 to Lan port on PC.

In your book for the router you need the IP address to insert into Internet explorer to talk to the router to set it up. Example insert in the Internet explorer address line (this may be different on your router) press return

You should be asked to insert your user and password, this is in the router book. Examples are User = admin, password = password.

To set up the router you need the following info.
Username from Talk Talk
Password from Talk Talk
set the following
Encapsulation = RFC 2364 PPPoA
VPI = 0
VCI = 38
DHCP server enabled.

Thats it. If you have something like Norton Internet security installed then go to the Personal Firewall config and run "Network" click on wizard.

Once all that is working set up your wireless network and DO switch on security unless you want the whole street to have a chat with your computer.

Recommend WPK Personal (only since XP SP2 otherwise use WEP), just invent a password.
Note down your Wireless ID, it will look something like this "linksys_SES_55427", recommend you change this to a more suitable name that you can recognise easily.

Go to your wireless laptop/XBOX etc search for wireless connections until your find linksys_SES_55427, select and you should be taken through the security settings which will ask for the password.

LET us know how you get on.


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Forgot to add. If you are connecting to a router then throw away ANY disc's you got from your ISP, you do not need them.


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that sounds like what i have done (i think)

firstly i un-installed all the talktalk software, the cables i have are: normal phone cable from phone socket to microfilter, phone plugged into phone socket with the supplied cable. I have two RJ45 catE cables, one for router to xbox and one for router to laptop. All ports connected as suggested.

Typed in the IP address which is to set up the router, user name and password were admin, then i did the bit using my username and password with talk talk

so i think i pretty much covered it, little confused about the wireless bit as im using wires?? told you i wasn't computer minded!!

thanks for the help so far, it's postponed anything of value being launched out of the window :thumbsup:


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top man!! sorted the connection via the router out ok, i was putting in my email account name and password NOT my talk talk user name and password!!

will do a quick test to check all is ok :clap:

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