Anybody have Mafia for xbox


As title does anybody have this for xbox, if so is it any good as i know for the pc it was apparently excellent, cheers inza


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Apparently it isn't very good on consoles due to the poor controls.

You can probably pick it up for PC for a £10 now, it's very much a keyboard and mouse type game.


Cheers gamesguru bit of a shame that, might have to search it out for the pc


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I think the frame rate is a bit iffy on consoles too.

If you have a PC too, definitely get that version (IMO).

I let Mafia pass me by, it wasn't until a couple months after its initial release that a friend lent it to me, saying it was good.

What did I think of it? Well, I get bored of most games after getting only part way into them, but Mafia hooked me all the way through to the end, and after then I was playing the extra Free Roam Extreme mode.

A truly excellent game. Hoping for the sequel.......


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i have it for the xbox and i have never seen it on pc so i cant really comment,its a lot better control wise and graphically than streets of crime but its no GTA


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You do get Free Roam modes so you can just drive around and mess around - limited at first, but you unlock more as you progress through the main story, although you won't get hundreds of side missions, stuff to collect, etc. like GTA. It is essentially a story led game and you're basically stuck with the missions it gives you. But that story and those missions are excellent, and if the theme interests you in the first place then you should be hooked all the way to the end.

Gary D

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thought it was a bit pants - but i only played it for an hour or so - its pop-up graphic city!!!!



Cheers guys, looks like its the pc version then if i want a decent copy of it

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