Anybody flying with British Airways?


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Considering some of the recent debates and what you can photograph and where you can point your camera I thought this maybe useful info. I cut this from a post to forum used by members of the British Airways Executive Club

Dear [sss]

Thank you for your email. I am sorry to hear our staff stopped you from taking a photograph on your recent flight with us to Washington. I understand this must have been frustrating for you, especially as you are a hobby photographer and have taken this picture several times before on other airlines. Please accept my sincere apologies.

I can certainly confirm you are welcome to take photographs on board our flights. In circumstances when the photographs are for media professionals, or are deemed as a compromise to safety and security, our staff can then ask you to refrain from taking pictures.

I am sorry our staff incorrectly advised you were not permitted to take a photograph of our Club World cabin. I appreciate how disappointed you must have been. I am sorry. We take pride in our standards of service, and this certainly includes courteous and helpful staff. I have passed a copy of your email to the staff's line manager so that this can be addressed with them.
Thank you for taking the time to follow this up with us. I hope this will not deter you from flying with us again in the future.

Please use the following link to send us a reply:
Please quote your case reference xxxxx in any correspondence with us.

Best regards

British Airways Customer Relations


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You'll be ok as long as Naomi Campbell isn't on the flight then :laugh:
She needs a good kick-in!!
I hope they jail that idiot of excuse for a woman! She is an embarrassment to all women ............:D

I hope they stone her actually, I have a brick here wi her name on it! :suicide:



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Always good to see a calm, considered response:D
Well, maybe not calm, but I am sure it is "considered". ;)

I just hope she actually gets a ban from BA for life at least, just like any other passenger would caught acting in such a manner. A few months in prison for her would be a bonus.

Chris Muriel

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I used my camera from my Cellphone in "flight mode" last Sunday on a BA flight home from Beijing ; the BA attendant had no problems with this once I showed him the aeroplane icon indicating that it was in that mode (which switches off the radio parts and so can't interfere with aircraft equipment, instruments or navigation).

Chris Muriel, Manchester


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Does anybody have any experience with taking photos on a Virgin flight, Im flying to St Lucia on Tuesday and would like to be able to get some shots on the plane.




I'm sure there isn't a problem with any carrier really. A window seat helps. Are you travelling in cattle class? If so, all you'll likely get is wing!

Furthermore, Virgin Customer Services will reply if you send them an email via their website. Just in case rules have changed, no harm in asking.


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I have often taken photos while flying with my DSLR with no problems.

On South African Airways en route to Johannesburg:

On Iberia flying back from Madrid:

I have also seen other people taking photos in flight with all kinds of cameras and never seen anybody being stopped.


Steve Zissou

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I've done 6 flights where I've taken photos too with no problems (used the F30 and the 400D).

Venice anyone?

or some greek fires?



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I've done 6 flights where I've taken photos too with no problems (used the F30 and the 400D).

Venice anyone?

I have also taken many pictures on various flights. Looking at your shot of Venice I suggest you try tweaking it in Photoshop or a similar program - you maybe surprised how much better you can make it look.

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