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Anybody else crap at Halo 2?


Established Member

I keep trying to play Halo 2 on Xbox live and spend my entire time getting thrashed by six year old americans.

Is there anybody else out there who's old and slow like me who'd fancy a gentle jog around with maybe a spot of relaxed killing?

If so bung me an invite - Xbox live gamertag is

Knifey McStab

(I know, I know - I thought you could change it afterwards and now I'm stuck with it)


Prominent Member
It costs to change your Xblive gamer tag.


All I can say is learn the maps and then learn the maps some more. You should also know the location of all the weapons and stay clear of open spaces unless you like getting sniped.

What helped me the most when I first started playing was using the team slayer variant. If you play this for a while you should pick up some tips and tricks from your team and you wont die as quickly (hopefully).

Once you've honed your skills in here you should find slayer a little bit easier. But saying that I still get slaughtered by the high pitched voices from over the pond and I'm a rank 23.

If you want a game some time. Just send an invite to 'Pingbox'


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I know someone who works the Swedish helpline for Xbox live in England.
She's only ever taken pity on two people who asked to have their names changed.
The first guy had entered gibberish for his name like - jhadsgfiyugwefiuasgdfjhgh
thinking he could change it later.
The second one was a 14 yr old lad who'd entered an incredibly obscene name to impress his friends only to realise that his dad would see it. And I mean obscene

I would have refused them myself . . .:devil:


Standard Member
Consider Friend Requests sent. I need to get a few more people togther, if just to avoid getting stuck with quiters and delevellers on my team.

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