any you guys appreciate Leonard Cohen?

la gran siete

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if i was a girlie i would want to..................................say no more:devil:


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i've had a lot of gin today (on top of wine, sherry and whisky) but not that much....



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I think we know what your New Year Resolution should be mate.......same as mine.....cut down on that damn alcoholic grape juice :)

Steve N

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I appreciate his music, writing, talent etc. But I don't appreciate him in the way GS suggests :eek:
You have to be in the right mood of course.
Anyone who finds Dylan (genius) too upbeat and chirpy should definitely give Lenny a go.


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I like Leonard Cohen. I don't find him that downbeat , a lot of his lyrics are quite funny and cutting but I wouldn't say he's particularly miserable.

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I think his song writing is outstanding! Need to be in the right mood to listen to him but several of his songs have been covered by others and are superb, try the tower of song album.


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