Any way to stop 3:2 pulldown stutter?



Is there anyway to remove the 3:2 pulldown panning judder on NTSC material???

I've heard people mention setting the display to 72Hz but I can't. The rojector is fixed at 60Hz.

Do any software DVD players remove the extra fields (frames) and output true 24 frames per seccond???


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Jonny, in short, yes.

Well, actually for film based NTSC DVD's it's the other way round.

NTSC Film source DVDs are authored at 23.976fps, but with Repeat field flags in the MPEG2 stream to instruct the DVD player to ADD the 2-3 pulldown repeat fields at playback time.

This saves actually storing the duplicated information on the disc. Most pc software DVD players (well Creative DXR decorders are the only exception I know of) ignore these and can output a true progressive VGA display for fims.

This is not true for DVD's authored at 29.9fps interlaced, such as TV/Video material and DVD menus which require de-interlacing.

The trouble is, apparently putting 71.928Hz through a panel display device can often give worse tearing and judder than the 2-3 pulldown output at the panel's native 60Hz.

I wonder if the Plasma forum guys have encountered this? Perhaps they might have some advice?



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I'd have to say you'll be better off running at 60Hz on the ae100.
Match the panel requirements firstly on a digital panel.


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I know of no NTSC DVD's that are authored like this, although DVD MPEG 2 encoding can support a progressive mode, I don't know any. Virtually all NTSC (and PAL) for that matter are stored interlaced.

The cineplayer filters employ inverse 3:2 pull down on playback.

As MPEG 2 is defined by storing Predictive frames, it contains no repeat frames anyway this is all part of the compression technique

72 hz playback is supposed to create and even spread of the fields (across three frames), instead of the three two sequence, hence removal of micro judder.

24x3 = 72.

That's the theory, however the reality is what your panel displays its best refresh is likely to be the best rate.
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