Any way to get Sky (NOT Sky+) with optical out?

Mark Ward

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I've been thinking about getting Sky as my terrestrial picture isn't great and no terristrial digital is planned in the near future for whare I live.

Is there any way I can guarantee getting a Sky digibox (not Sky+ I won't pay for that!) that has either an optical or digital co-ax out?

I know I won't get DD from it and I won't subscribe to any film channels anyway by my Lex processor will do a much better job of the prologic surround processing than the internal dacs in any cheap digibox.




Now that Sony no longer manufacture Digiboxes you are left with no alternative to the Sky+ if you want digital output.

If you don't mind buying secondhand you can get a Sony. Some distributers may still have stock of new ones but you will have to pay a high price!

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