Any way to get automatic 'just' mode on Panny?


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I'm looking to get a Panasonic TH37PW4/5.

I've a question about 'Just' mode as I use this all the time watching 4:3 programmes from sky via TiVo on our current Philips widescreen.

From what I've read so far 'Just' mode is available on all connections except 15pin VGA, but only by switching manually?

Does the TU-PT600 tuner allow you to switch 'Just' to 16:9 (anamorphic/wide etc.) automatically when sky/TiVo switches between 4:3 and widescreen programmes/channels/recordings (again this is what my current widescreen TV does) perhaps via the 21 pin scart? Or is there any other way?


P.S. Does the panny (not using the tuner box) switch automatically between 4:3 and 16:9 from sky/dvd on all inputs or do these have to be switched manually too? (Is this what Panasonic Auto does?)



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just re-read page 33 in the TH-PW37PW5 manual and this shows how to set the PanasonicAUTO mode for 4:3 pictures to show them as Normal(4:3) or JUST mode. (presumably 16:9 pictures are then shown automatically in FULL mode?).

Is this what other people use?



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Looks like I need a demo.

Anyone any recommendations for dealers who can do demos in Lancashire?

(Sound & Vision in Bolton - anyone know/recommend their demo facilities)

Thanks again,


P.S. went into Currys today and they have some fabulous prices -
Panasonic THPW37B5 with Tuner only £3999!
Pioneer PDP433HDE only £9999!
Sony 32" plasma only £4200!
where do they get these prices from?


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this is getting really confusing/annoying.

Reading the manual further it looks like you lose PanasonicAUTO mode if you use component inputs, so this only works on s-video????

So what I want to do is -

Have Sky/TiVo attached with best picture possible but with Just/PanasonicAuto mode available - best(only?) option is JS RGBtoSvid box to Svid on Plasma

Connect DVD (Toshiba 210E) which only needs 16:9 or 4:3 either by JS RGB to VGA box or straight Component to Component.

Is this OK?

Or do I just get a proper TV Plasma? Anything capable of the above come close to the Panny? Guess I'd have to be looking at 42/43" as theres nothing else competitive at 37" to the Panny.

Frustrated (Thought I'd licked the connectivity options at last!),



BTW, Robert Sayle have the 37" silver panny for about £3499 (without tuner). They also sell the tuner for about £450.

Of course, with this shop you get a 5yr guarantee!! (and decent service).

It's definitely tempting!

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