Any way to control the RGB passthrough on Sky digibox?


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Feb 17, 2004
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Right I've got myself a little dilemma here..:)

I'm currently using the passthrough RGB signal available on my digibox (thank Philips for one RGB scart...:mad:). The problem is I would like to control when the pass through is actually enabled. At the mometn I have to physically disconnect the scart (better than rumaging behind the set but far from ideal). The problem is the RGB signal is continuous as its from a PC and even with the PC in standby the signal is active. I put the settings out of sync and my TV shows no image (blus screen) but I still cannot get Sky to show..:(

I was hoping there might be a solution to this little problem..

PLEASE HELP!!! I'm lost..:/
dont know if this will help but have you tryed turning scart control off in settings on stb, services , picture settings:confused:

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