Any way of unlocking/overclocking new AMD Radeon HD 6950 2GB?


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At the moment, my custom PC setup looks like it is going to have the XFX HD 6950 XXX Dual Fan ATI - AMD Radeon Graphics Card - 1GB in it as opposed to the XFX HD 6950 ATI AMD Radeon Graphics Card - 2GB
This is due to the fact that the 1GB has dual fans, a higher core clock speed of 830MHz as opposed to 800MHz, a higher memory clock speed of 5200MHz as opposed to 5000MHz and the negligible difference you get with the standard 2GB 6950 over the standard 1GB 6950. One thing that was going to sway it was the unlocking potential of the 2GB 6950 into the 6970 but I am now aware that this is not possible due to a hardware change by AMD.

So, my question is, although you cannot unlock the 2GB card, can you overclock it to the extent that the clock speeds go up to and above that of the 1GB card? Or should I stick with the 1GB card because its clock speeds are simply better?

Bear in mind that I am not planning on playing games up to a huge resolution or using loads of screens (2 max, 1 at 720p, maybe one at 1080p) but I would like a solid card; and I know these are solid cards. Also, the difference in price is only about £5 so that isn't an issue.

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You are kind of correct. There have been steps taken to stop unlocking the 6950 and some non-reference partner designs already lacked the feature. However there are plenty of reference cards still out there available to buy and the 2Gb model you listed there is one such card and should unlock. There are reports that 1Gb models can be unlocked too but that is rarer.

For whatever 6950 you are looking at take the manufacturer product code (in this case HD-695A-CNFC) and just google it with the word unlock or something. You should find a wealth of information on if it will work or not.

If you plan on going down the unlocking route I would strongly recommend *not* flashing a 6970 bios onto it as it can cause permanent damage to your card. Instead use a tool to mode your cards bios to unlock the additional shaders and then manually overclock the card to 6970 speeds.


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The 6950 1gb can be BIOS modded but its nothing like the 2 gb flash mod, I believe its quite complicated and risky

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