any views on Now Fibre Broadband


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my BT contract just finished and am on the look out for a new provider, i just need broadband and telephone. Been checking and Now seems to offer a 12 month contract or a rolling contract (with a one off fee) which looks attractive especially if you factor in cashback.

would welcome any views on their fibre service.


I moved from Sky BB to NowTV (yes I know they are the same company) as I wanted the TV side without a dish.
In the 6+ months I've been using their service I have had no down time and speeds seem fine. Just get a replacement router/WAP if you have several wireless devices as their routers WiFi is poor IMO.



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Thanks Mark
managed to get a retention deal with BT, for 29.99 infinity 1 and anytime calls for 18months. I am told current price increase won't apply to my contract. With NowTV broadband, the saving was under £5 pm which wasn't much to sway me.
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