Any tricks to break in a sub in a quiet environment?


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Got a new sub, great reviews and all but everyone says it needs to be broken in. All the guides I've found require blasting music for hours if not days. I can't really do that; does anyone know a way to do it 'quietly'?



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Just use it.
As long as its moving its getting 'broken in'


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You'd really hope the sub won't change much in any case. The electronics should not change in a few weeks or months unless they are prematurely aging and equally the driver and suspension should change very little. If its loosening up, what's to stop that continuing to happen ?

In other words, the whole running in thing is a bit suspicious. If a device is going to change, that won't magically stop after 10, 50 or 100 hours. It will continue to change. Even complex moving things like car engines will only change a tiny amount in the first 1000 miles and we're talking about heat cycles into complex moving high temperature machines there, not a coil vibrating in a gap supported by a couple of simple suspension components.

What will change is your ears. They will adapt to the new sound over time and that will happen at any volume!
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I agree - just use it. The sound will change a little as the rubber "breaks in", but since you know that it's happening, just don't be too concerned if it's not quite performing to specification for the first couple of weeks..

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