Any tips on how to improve the CD playback through a HCS?


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I've recently got a Denon 2802/Sony DVP900 and Energy Take 5.1 speaker package.
On films its great,however on CD playback its a bit of a letdown compared to my normal hi-fi Pioneer A400/Marantz CD41 and Tannoy M20's.Specifically it sound a bit "thin" and the bass from the sub sounds "separate" and not integrated as i'd hope.Its really not a patch on my 12 year old separates which sound so much "fuller".
I spent a bit more on my DVD player and A/V amp hoping for good CD playback but its a bit dissapointing.

Any tips.

btw....even on home cinema the sub sounds very "boomy".:(


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Over the next few days i will be swapping/interchanging some components about and will post you the results of my "experiments".

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