Any tips on a good deal on a PS3 and games?


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Hi all, hoping someone might know a good deal going on these at the moment? I want to start playing games with my friends so I need a PS3, and I need several games. I price it up and it's all pretty expensive. The PS3 itself for a nice new 80gig version is about £275 or so, but then when I add up the cost of all the games, it's going to cost me about another £200.

Does anyone have any tips on how I could do this cheaper? I've looked on Ebay for a week but they either come with games I don't want, or they have a shady ad which doesn't mention the condition of it. I've never bought anything off Ebay before so I'm a bit chicken.

I would just get one from Amazon or Play but I wish there was some deal for me, if only a small one. £275 with a game I don't want doesn't seem too welcoming to me, especially when I then need to buy another controller and about £200 worth of games.

Thanks in advance :)


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Well the best deal i know of at the moment for a ps3 is a ps3 80gb + infamous + a £15 blu ray for £265.99 @ play. Obviously if you don't want the blu ray or game you can sell them for about £40 - £45 which will make your ps3 aroound £220 - £225.

For the cheapest possible copy of the games you want then check out price comparsion websites like the following:

PC games, PSP games, XBox 360 games and games for GameCube, NDS and PS2 - Cheap video games price comparison

GamesTracker - Tracking Gaming Prices, News and Reviews around the web


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Keep watching the best PS3 deals thread on the PS3 board, that's where most of the discussion about PS3 deals happens

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