Any suggestions for a good SVGA cable ???


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could anyone recommend a good SVGA cable at a reasonable price,i need to connect my JS technologies rgb-vga convertor to my plasma screen.sorry if this subject has been brought up many times before,thanks in advance.


I posted with the same query and never seen your post until later when i came back on to check, I have done a search of the forum and a company called were recomended but their site is not working at the moment.

or try

I too have ordered a JS tech box, i have a svga cable in my office but as i have just spent 6k on the plasma I wish to see if there are any options and also find out if they are worth paying for.

Alot of people have looked at our posts and to be fair having spent a bit of time looking i have not really came up with anything that says buy me yet.

Anyways, this will get you back up to the top of the page before it goes onto page 2 just in case someone does know and can help

Derek Hughes


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I've now found a good site for vgs/svga cables with different quality cables and a good range here
i'm now using a cheap monitor cable and the picture is amazing with JS convertor,i am wondering if a better quality cable will make any difference ?.
Has anyone upgraded their cable and noticed any improvement ?


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p.s. what cable do i require SVGA or VGA ?.........i don't know if there's any difference

matt janes

I've been recommended Van Damme cables from the media factory. Seem to be the way to go although I haven't made the plunge yet. Still using my cheapy Maplin job. To be fair though, I've got an awesome picture on my series 4 Panny through Sky+ and JS convertor. Van Damme cables are about £70.

Let us know if you find any gems!


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There are many different cables on the market for VGA and some are better than others. The ones I stock are very high quality PC monitor leads and the ones sold by the Media Factory are even better still.

What you will find is the the lesser ones are not constructed to the same high stanard. They might only have basic screening or none at all. Ultimately, this does affect the picture quality.

I do encourage people to try different cables, but if you're looking to hook up a £3.5k+ plasma, please don't cut corners! You've bought the best, use the best to get the best.

All the best,

Dr John Sim.

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