Any subwoofer good in 80-120 hz range to match satellites AND still good at 20Hz?


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I'm looking to put together a 5.1 system with Gallo A'Divas as the 5 matched main speakers:

I see that Gallo sells these as a package with a matching sub:
That sub seems to be spec'ed to be reasonably flat in the 80 hz and up range but only goes down to 40HZ.

Is there such a thing as a sub that is equally capable on both ends ie can fill in for a satellite speaker with flat response in the 80-120hz range, and yet can stll perform well down in the 20-30Hz range?


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The problem with having a subwoofer running up to the frequencies you mention is that it will draw attention to itself a lot.

I used to run a Rel storm mk1 and had it rolling off at 40hz with a pair of standmounters, so in theory I had a "gap" in the bass response, on paper it looked wrong but in practice the "gap" was around that nasty area where rooms can boom and the overall presentation sounded lovely.

Most small speakers will go down to 80hz or so I would imagine, the ones you mention might not have a very high output at those frequencies though, might be a little bit of a compromise.

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The true LFE range is 1-120hz, so in theory all subs should be set to run upto 120hz anyway. As mentioned a sub can become localisationable at these frequencies, and if you experienced this I would then cut it to 80hz. The only way to really know of it will work well in a system is to try it. You could also run a pair of subs and this is my own personal preference.

If your looking for a sub as capable as you specify, then look at something like the BK Monolith, which give true performance in room right down to 18hz.


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these speakers have a manufacturer spec of -3 db at 80 hz but like every satellite that I know of, tests show -3db occurring somewhere around 110 or so. At least in this case, that's what the measurements show in the Gallo A'Diva test on Stereophile magazine online test archives.

So seems any sub to match these will have to be pretty flat through 120hz.

All subs in theory should be run to 120hz but it's not going to give a good result if the sub is not good in this range and is itself already rolling off like an avalanche by 80 Hz.
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Most subs will roll off in the upper bass region a lot earlier than people might think, but some will run very high in deed with no issues at all. Generally speaking, subs that have their diver(s) in larger cabinet have a flatter upper bass response and will extend high in the frequency range while remaining flat. The BK Monolith is one such example.


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I have my monolith sub set to 120hz and it all sounds very impressive to my (admitedly un-pro ears), in fact the bass doesnt appear to be coming from the sub at all when watching a film or tv the only sign its doin its job is the fact the lamp rattles away with it.

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