Any sparkies in the house today? A quick question...

Mr Incredible

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I have some MK grid dimmer units which have failed, and they look to be over £20 each to replace. :eek: There are some Varilight "Uni"-grid dimmer switches at about £6 each, but I need to know whether they'd fit the existing patresses and grid plates that the MK are fitted in.


MK Grid Dimmer

Varilight Dimmer

Will it fit or do I need to think about replacing mounting plates as well?

Thanks. :smashin:
Most grid dimmer modules now come with adapters to fit whatever yolk you have.

However, Varilight are good, but if i had MK, i would fit the same again.

Yu just need to look at how long you have had them for.

You pays your money, you takes your choice.

Mr Incredible

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I've had the MK dimmers about 11 years and out of 6 grid dimmers I have, 4 have failed (refuse to push-on). @ £22 a pop for the MK I don't think Varilight could do much worse @ £6 each!

Thanks for the reply.


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Great result for you, it will also help with their R+D to improve future products when they pull apart the failed ones.

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