Any Sanyo Z5 Owner...


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Can someone do m a HUGE favour??

My Z5 is in storage at the moment, ready for when I move house on Friday.

I want to buy a new mount/shelf but I need to know a few dimensions.

Could someone pleaseeeeee measure their PJ for me...

Im after the width, and maximum depth including the power cable and HDMI so I know how deep a shelf I need this time.
Not fussed about the height.

If someone could do it this evenign id be eternally grateful so I can hit the shops tomorrow.

Thanks!!!!!!! :D


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15.0” X 5.0” X 12.0”.

I cant find a tape measure but i imagine 40cm depth would give u enough space.

Use to have on on my shelf.


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Ah excellent, thank you!

Im trying to get away with 35mm... Hmmmm

Any pictures of your shelf? Im struggling to find brackets that I think look up to the job...


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Dont have camera at hand but from what i remember i went to my local B&Q and picked bits up from there.

Id pop into your local one with those measurements, if you have one near you.

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