Any reliable used DVD Recorder buys/suggestions? Retro games recording. SD + HD suggestions please!


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Aug 1, 2022
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Hello and how are you doing etc.

I ask apropos of this:

Bought what I thought was a 'normal' DVD Recorder from Ebay, got it today and it looks to be a DVR like the old ones used for connecting satellite/Sky decoders etc. Maybe I am splitting hairs here and they are actually doing the same thing, but I digress. Been a while since I used a DVD Recorder.

It's a Sony RDR-GX210 and boy do I feel like a dummy for buying it after just seeing this thread Sony RDR GX210 but that's what I get for trying to make decisions when I'm hungry...

Anyway it records, but it records static. I press Record while the Xbox 360 is on. I get all the A/V through it whether it's on or off and as stated it records - but only static.

It has also started to not like any of the DVDs so I have stopped wasting them after about the third or fourth go. Rather not waste more.

My setup:
Two SCARTS both with toggle switches with RCA connectors attached - one for TV [which is an LG HDTV - itself getting on the old side] and one for the games console [set to PAL 50 settings with 4:3 ratio]

[Both are toggled or should I say must be toggled to OUTPUT for me to get audio/visual]. I can receive audio without visual when I toggle the Xbox 360 SCART to Input [might need to double check that to be sure.]

I'm using -R DVDs rather than +RW ones although both are supported [RW being ideal or possible 'more' supported?].

Tried the other [all Component] connections and toggled between RGB/Component accordingly when trying those connections on the back and front - all to no avail.

I am sure the only way this will 'show up' is if I get either another DVD recorder and use that or this one as a 'through' unit to capture everything going on by feeding it through.

What am I missing? Have I guessed already? It doesn't need an RF/Aerial cable to work does it? I wouldn't have thought so.

Thinking of trying an LG DR7400 DVD Recorder I saw an Ebay or am I just asking for more of the same, do you think? Although maybe that gives me the 'through' device I'm looking for in either the Sony one or the LG one [provided either is actually working].

Apologies for the long first post but when you gotta know, you gotta know.

Alright, time to eat before I do anything stupid...

[Thanks in advance?]
Well you could test if its the recorder by connecting anything else you might have to its video input and try recording it, if its static on that too then that might indicate the problem.

But if it correctly records then... from memory those composite to scart converters were quite iffy and didn't always do a good job.

There was an official xbox 360 scart cable, you can still find them on ebay, that would be the best option for compatibility and scart rgb support.

Wouldn't it be a lot easier to just get a dirt cheap USB capture card for laptop and record the xbox 360 composite PAL 4:3 video output that way or is use of the DVDR part of the challenge ?
Thanks for replying and for your input!

Using official SCART end but also alternately swapping out with toggle switch scart end thingies for troubleshooting.

I'm also unconvinced that the remote I was sold with it is the official one as not sure the AV button is on it. If it's the one I thought, then it's not working or I lack the cable to use AV function.

Maybe having a VCR or similar DVD recorded/DVR/DMR unit connected would remedy this. It must be taking the 360 in place of a Sky box or whatever.

Planned on trying the PS2, just haven't gotten round to it yet. Will do that soon and see how it goes.

More so the fact I bought something I want to use than anything else. It's not even stubbornness, I just hate waste. My machine is too bog standard for all that capture card silliness but I can at least use this DVD unit as a through machine if nothing else.
Capturing video on PC is fairly trivial no high end hardware needed and barely costs anything these days like £20, plus the quality of HDMI capture is way beyond the composite/scart output.

Only thing I can think of if you already have the correct xbox scart cable going into the recorder is it doesnt like the 480i output of xbox 360 when using scart as I think it didn't do 576i ?, maybe I'm wrong, PS2 did 576i from a quick internet search so I'd test that for sure.

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