Any recommended PA speaker for home living room karaoke


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I am searching for a speaker for some karaoke in my living room. Is this the right section for the question.

I have been searching in the forum and it is quite clear that it is very bad ideas to use Hifi speakers for karaoke (especially considering my singing skills :suicide:). Only going to use it with my wife and kids to have some fun together in weekends. It won't be for big parties.

The living room is about 7m x 4.6m in a detached house. So I would assume I don't really need the PA speakers specially designed for long-throw to reach far distance.

The requirements I have considered:
  • RCA input. Needed to connect to the karaoke machine.
  • Powered/Active. Don't want to invest into a separate amp.
  • Reasonable sound quality.
  • Does not have to be stereo.
  • No need for portability, like battery.
  • Bluetooth will be a big plus.
Came across a few, but really not sure whether they are suitable, or maybe someone can recommend some other models.
  1. Denon Axis 12 (£199.00). Denon Axis 12 Active Speaker at Gear4music. Denon's name is well known here. But to be honest, don't know too much about their PA speakers. Also, don't know why it is so difficult to find any reviews about the speaker on the internet. It has RMS 1000w. Is that going to be overkill for my room?
  2. Alto Trouper (£174). Alto Trouper All-In-One Portable PA System. Is this suitable for my purpose? Also, how about the brand?
  3. Behringer PK108A (about £65). Behringer | Product | PK108A. Really cheap, and/but from Behringer (Should I assume it poor quality or good quality?). I get really confused about the speaker. Max SPL is 90dB, max power output is 240w but power consumption is 90w. Do all these params mean this is a speaker with sensitivity about 70dB, or my calculation is wrong? Is that too bad?
  4. TOURTECH TT-PSM5 (about £90). B Stock TOURTECH TT-PSM5 Portable Active PA Speaker. Never used such devices before. Is it going to be good for karaoke? 120 watt RMS and 150 watt Peak Power, enough for my room?
  5. Fenton SPB-8 (about £90). Fenton SPB-8 Bluetooth Active Party PA Speaker Pair. Fenton is so popular on Amazon. Is this a brand I can trust, especially the sound quality?
  6. Citronic CASA-8A (£140~£169). Citronic CASA-8A 8" Active Powered PA Speaker with Bluetooth, DSP, USB/SD 400W Home Audio Visual. It does look like a very quality speaker.
I know there are bigger brands like JBL, Bose and Yamaha, and the quality is surely better. But the price tag is higher too. Want to throw as little as possible into the speaker(s), but don't want to be annoyed by too bad sound quality either.

Thanks in advance for any infomration or suggestions.
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The Tourtech would easily do the job for indoors karaoke, don't see any reason to spend more.


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Probably any of the pa brands will be fine. Your limitation will be how loud it can go before the mic feeds back and squeals, so lifting the speaker up and pointing it at the audience will help with this.

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