any reason why i should'nt buy this please?


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my 11 yr old daughter is after a laptop for xmas and i'm currently tempted by this one
Acer Aspire 5551, 15.6inch LED LCD Noteboook, AMD Athlon X2 P320, 3GB, 320GB, DVD, Webcam, Windows 7 Home Premium - Silver: Computers & Accessories

....i have seen it for about 330 quid from oyyy or whatever it's called
which seems like a good buy....providing it does'nt come down in price a week after i buy it like eveything else i seem to purchase :rolleyes:

never had a laptop myself and my mums old celeron one is a nightmare so i would want to steer away from those processors.
.....the asus is amd so dont know how these compared to intel?

the idea is for web use including online kids games,home/school work etc....playback of some kids films i've got on dvd and hard drives (would transfer these onto the laptop) so would be after one with a good screen for these tasks

battery life would'nt be a problem as it would be based in her bedroom and need to keep the cost south of 400.

i've read someone on here said it can get hot and is a bit noisey?

basically would it be a good buy and should i look at someother make like asus or toshiba?

i know there a million and one laptops and i'm sure many under 400 quid would do an adaquate job but any help/guidance i can get to point me in the right direction to get the most bang for me bucks would be most appreciated.

cheers in advance.


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.....the asus is amd so dont know how these compared to intel?
your looking at an Acer not an ASUS! :lesson:

the laptop for the needs would do I guess, but I am not a fan of AMD laptop CPUs as they way behind the intel series and they require more power, plus with it getting hotter (I'm not sure if this Acer model has poor heat dissipation)

For the same money get this: Buy ASUS X52F-EX486V | 15.6" LAPTOP - Laptops | Comet

ASUS, so rock solid reliability and great quality, core i3 processor and well it's better looking IMHO which I'm sure your daughter would appreciate :thumbsup:

EDIT: just seen it has gone up by £30!!! :thumbsdow


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sorry, typo i meant acer regarding the amd....... i will beat myself accordingly.

will have a look at the asus.......she did say she did'nt like red laptops though!

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