Any reason why I shouldn't buy a Pioneer 545?

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by Jon Weaver, Oct 8, 2001.

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    Born in Bristol but now in Newport, (for my sins)
    I have been trying to find a DVD player to replace my Samsung 709 for years.

    I need:

    SVCD support
    2 x SCART
    MP3 Play back

    I have been waiting on the Tosh 510, but after having chance to test the new Pioneers, I think that I am going to buy one.

    I am a little disappointed that they still don't have decent FF/Rew Speeds or Zoom, but everyone else seems to be able to do without these features.

    I have found it for a good price of £280 (including delivery and a copy of 'The Cell'), so am on the verge of placing an order.

    Has anyone got anything good or bad to say about this model?

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