Any reason why i cant use an mini i-pod from the U.S?


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Hi All,

Flying out to the states on Friday and would quite happy buy one of these mini-ipods which are avalible in the US at the moment. Just wondered if i would have any problems connecting it to my PC at home in the UK.

Has anyone bought one from the US or anywhere else in the world and using it fine in the UK??

Thanks for looking and your advice.



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I got one a few weeks ago from the US.

They work perfectly fine over here - bear in mind you will need either USB 2.0 or Firewire on your pc so you may need to buy an additional PCI card to let you transfer your mp3s to it.

Power wise the chargers you get are universal bar the actual plug which is a removable section on the whole unit. So all you need to do is remove it then attach a 2 pin plug/cable (like used with XBOX - some radios etc..) and plug that into wall.

That is the only difference - and it also seems like they have been delayed until July 2004 now with dabs taking pre orders of £200!

I got mine for £140 brand new in blue - absolutely brilliant things and even cooler looking when you see them in real life.


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Whereabouts in the US did u get yours from??

We are flying out to Florida.

Thanks for the info



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I have one as well. No reason whatsoever for you not buying from the States. As mentioned above the plug can easily be changed.


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Ill check there website thanks for the info guys!


sorry can I have a bit more info on the plug?

Surely youc an just buy one of those cheap aiport travel plugs where on one side it is 2 pin entry and on the other side is 3 pin prongs? You know the ones I mean?

So no step down converter is needed?

Why does apple charge £30 for their travel pack ahaha

And what happens if the hard drive goes up the shoot i presume u wont be able to get a replacement from apple as in the UK?
I got a 40gb ipod when i went to vegas. The guy in the apple store said that the ipod had worldwide warranty.

Absolutely no need to worry about the power cable at all. When you see how the powerpack/adapter works you'll see why you just use a bog standard figure-8 power lead. It's kinda hard to explain, but you have no reason to worry.


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