Any real-life experience with different subwoofer interconnects?

Lowrider has posted a few times recently about his tests of various cables and he preferred one of the cheaper sub cables - Audioquest G-Snake.

Have a look through his recent posts to find his brief reviews and there is also feedback in the Powerbuy forum from people who have bought the Canare cable from Mark Grant

I sell them so I'm biased - but I do prefer my Velodyne SPL 800 with a BetterCables sub cable over the Van Damme I had it running on previously - see

One thing though when evaluating the cables I found using the BetterCables sub the volume jumped up - so it took a few cable swaps to get a level for the new cable.

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Does anyone know where you can get the Audioquest G-Snake cable from? Also, what are the spec's, price, etc.
Hello Garmtz

The Silver Serpent Subwoofer cable (standard or Y) is a shielded cable with RCA connectors on - this will run between the Sub Out (line level) on your AV processor and the Line In on your Sub.


The Y cable is for those with two line level inputs at the sub end - most subs with two inputs benefit from having both inputs terminated; and the Y cable is also fitted with the Eichmann Bullet Plugs.


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