Any Real Difference in the TV's £400 Price


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Needing to buy 2 49inch TV's for the kitchen and bedroom (so image is no so important compared to the living room) I started to look at the usual spots, John Lewis, RS etc. One thing I noticed is lots of similarly priced models from the main manufactures, sometimes with pound and pence between their own models.

I suppose the question is, at this price point and screen size, will there be discernible differences in picture quality or should I focus more on a brand / OS I like and other features such as number of HDMI's etc?


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The first thing I'd decide is how wide viewing angles you need.

If you need a wide viewing angle then you probably need an IPS LCD panel on the TV.
However, IPS has a much worse overall picture quality than a VA LCD panel but the VA panel is really only for watching head-on or shallow angles.

IPS panels have worse contrast, blacks and black uniformity.


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Thank you, luckily (by the sounds of it) I don't need wide angle, so I'll narrow it down to the VA panels, just reading through Dodgexanders pages now to try and get better informed.


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