Any quick advice choosing between ZTE Blade Z6 and Vodafone Ultra


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I've got one of these Buy Sim Free ZTE Blade S6 - White at - Your Online Shop for SIM free phones. reserved at £99 at argos until tomorrow (it's a bit of a distance to get to, as they are out of stock near me). Should I go get it or buy a Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 for £17 (including unlock) more locally. I don't feel any particularly need for a 5.5" screen, but I need a replacement for my nearly dead 1st gen Moto G. That being said, I do need reading glasses, so maybe the extra screen real estate is worth while. Beyond that, it seems that the Vodafone is missing Bluetooth LE (I use an BT HRM, I think it's LE), wifi direct (never had that, but it could be handy). Battery is smaller in the S6. According to a comparison I have, the S6 has compass, gyro that are missing from the Ultra. I use my phone for cycle navigation a lot.

I travel to Australia regularly, so would need whatever I buy to work there, too. This is the network I usually buy my sim card for
The dual sim in the S6 could be useful when I am abroad.

Thanks for any help.


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The argos blade is only 720p the vodafone one is 1080p screen.


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At first I found the SU6 ungainly,it is big but now when I look at other peoples smaller phones I think how can you use such a tiny screen lol
What I'm saying is unless you are the kind of person who wears spray on jeans and want to keep your phone in your back pocket,you will get used to the size


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Thanks for the help. For various reasons I could not buy the phone immediately, and as expected the Argos one went back up in price, and then disappeared. So I got the Ultra 6, and very pleased with it so far. As it's a huge phone, and I am a noted phone fumbler, I also got this case and this screen protector from amazon, both of which I can highly recommended, and fit the phone perfectly.

Pleased to have the case, as i woke up lying on the phone this morning :(

As I am well into my reading-glasses years, the big screen is a bonus. I can do a lot of tasks without getting my glasses out.

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