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Any psychologists/psychiatrists here?


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I'm interested in learning more about one or possibly both of these subjects. Can anyone recommend any easy to follow, but valid, books to begin with?

edit- Just realised there's a separate board for books :facepalm: Perhaps a mod could move this. Thanks.


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Not another Psychology vs Psychiatry debate please :D

There's a difference between the two professionals involved, looking at the end of the word you can see why "ology" is relating to science or theory and "iatry" is to do with medical treatment and involves education in medical care. There is a huge difference in the two positions stating that there is "more fact" in psychiatry is a pointless statement to be fair, that's like saying there is more fact in Applied Physics as opposest to Theoretical Physics, they both deal with some similar points but also a lot of points that are not really related - so arguing over it would be a waste of time and not helpful to the OP.

As for OPs question, it depends what aspects you are interested in, general psychology studies usually take a look at a wide range of studies, usually in education at say A level, the student will be taken through a number of case studies such as Zimbardo, Freud, Gardner & Gardner, Samuel & Bryant and more, A level doesn't really go into much depth but gives a good basic understanding of a number of things such as cognitive, developmental, social, physiological psychology then you look at research methods and ethics, it's only really if you study at college level or degree level that you get into deeper aspects of psychology, going into each area in more detail, behavioural and plenty more.

Psychiatry as mentioned goes more into medical study so looks at medicine, neurology etc but I don't honestly know enough to help out too much on this side of things.

Books for psychology, depends what you're interested in really...
I'd say take a look at:
Introducing Psychology: A Graphic Guide to Your Mind and Behaviour Introducing...: Amazon.co.uk: Nigel Benson: Books

Psychology: The Science of Mind and Behaviour Hodder Arnold Publication: Amazon.co.uk: Richard Gross: Books

Psychology AS - The Complete Companion for AQA 'A' Textbook: Amazon.co.uk: Mike Cardwell and Cara Flanagan: Books

Classic Case Studies in Psychology Hodder Arnold Publication: Amazon.co.uk: Dr Geoff Rolls: Books

But obviously it depends what aspects of psychology you are initerested in or if you are looking to follow something like A Level curriculum.

andrew markwort

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I'm a psychologist (honestly!). It depends what you want to know about the subject. If you want a general introduction, then before wading into textbooks, have a look at the British Psychological Society's website, and perhaps start with: About Psychology and the Society

With the greatest of respect to Iccz, I wouldn't touch any of the books he recommends as initial introductory texts. Pleae don't get me wrong - they're excellent for studying for A Level or indeed a very in-depth introduction to the subject, but for that reason they also are on the comprehensive side and likely to bombard you with way too much factual information if you just want an overview of the subject. You might be better off looking at something like Berryman et al's Psychology and You (British Psychological Society::psychology and You: An Informal Introduction, 3rd Edition), which isn't quite so detailed.

One thing to note - Psychology is a very diverse academic discipline; don't be surprised if on reading up about it some areas appeal and others don't - this is a pretty normal reaction.

And on the difference between psychiatrist and a psychologist - about £30,000 a year.


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And on the difference between psychiatrist and a psychologist - about £30,000 a year.

Thanks for the recommendations. Psychology: The Science of Mind and Behaviour arrived this morning. A few other people on different forums also recommended it.

It depends what you want to know about the subject.
At the moment I'm just curious. I'm sure something more specific will grab my attention. Cheers for the PM, I'd almost forgotten about this thread :smashin:

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