Any Prospect Of The Ideal PVR In The Near Future?


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In my view, the ideal PVR would have the following attributes:-

1. HDD of reasonable capacity.
2. DVD recording capability ie + R/RW or -R/RW or both.
3. At least one onboard Freeview tuner.
4. A 7 day EPG.

I believe that the new Sony machines would meet this specification but I understand that they will not be available until September 2005. Does anyone know of anything with the above specification which will be released earlier than September, please?


Looks like Sony will be first to produce a machine with the specs you mention - as you say they are not out until September and will probably have the same 'issues' as the GXD500.


There's also the machine that Tatung (who he?) have announced but, let's face it, it's the obvious convergence and I'd imagine most of the main CE players will have one on offer for Christmas 2005



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Lets not be too pessimistic.
With Freeview tuners at last lets hope they've also sorted the editing problems. You never know - someone from Sony may have read this forum!
I'm holding my breath for more details after having been put off the 900 and 1000 models.
Roll on the release.
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