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I originally ordered LOTR TT (4 discs) on 5th December and it was supposedly shipped on 17th Dec. I waited about 28 days and then informed them it hadn't arrived. They then sent out another copy on 29 Jan and again I am still waiting for it another 28 days later. I have emailed them again and asked if they can send it to me on fast delivery at no extra charge to myself, as I think this is the least I deserve after 10 weeks of waiting!

The shipping is meant to be 10-20 days, so has anyone else had any problems like this with this company? I also ordered DVE from them and it arrived fine.


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I ordered a CD from them last year, but it never arrived. 10 weeks after it supposedly being shipped, they gave me a refund. I haven't used them since.

When you think about it, it could be quite a good scam. I'm not suggesting DDD are doing this, but I wonder if it happens?

1. Take customer's order and money
2. Bank customer's money
3. Wait 2 or 3 weeks, then send dispatch confirmation e-mail, but do not send goods.
4. Customer waits for delivery
5. After about 4 weeks, customer complains that goods have not been received.
6. Inform customer that goods cannot be declared 'missing' for 8-10 weeks.
7. 8-10 weeks later, customer still hasn't received goods.
8. "Reship" customer's order, or refund original cost.
9. Calculate interest gained over 4 months on customer's money.
10. Rub hands and bank some more orders.


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