Any price drops due on the Canon 600D?


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Afternoon all,

I've been researching my first DSLR on AVF and other websites and have decided on the Canon EOS 600D with kit lens.

With the launch of the 650D, does anyone think that there will be a significant price drop in the 600D?

I would have pulled the trigger already had it not been for the fact that SWMBO has recently started working for John Lewis and her staff discount kicks in in another two months. 12% off on electricals is not to be sniffed at so you can see that while I'm itching to get my hands on it, the tight Scots git in me wouldn't like to pay through the nose, twice!

So, anyone with insider retail knowledge?


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I'm not sure if it's official but I'm sure I read at the time that the 600D wouldn't be discontinued and instead would be sold alongside the newer model as a cheaper option in which case it wouldn't be getting the big drop in price a discontinued model would get.

It sounds like it's worth waiting giving the price isn't going to go up so at worst you only get the 12% discount and as a bonus the price may be a bit lower.



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Not sure if it's relevant but I'm sure I saw a deal on this camera via Groupon earlier this week.

Just had a look and can't spot it now though, so may be gone.


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That Amazon link says £517.60 ?

Ha, it's going up and down like the preverbial... :laugh:
It's definetly on its way down though and fortunatly for me, work has now gotten in the way of life for the next couple of months. By the time I emerge from this commissioning period my wife's John Lewis discount will have kicked in and hopefully the camera and kit lens will be sub £500. :smashin:


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i need to find someone who works at john lewis/jessops/comet et al to try and wangle some discount lol.

actually, saying that, i think NHS employees can get a little bit of discount (7% i think)


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Dave X

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Can you explain this to me please? The link I posted says despatched from the UK, is it still a grey import? What's the difference in spec?

Want to know a I was tempted to pick one up.


Digital Rev sell both the 600D (which gets UK warranty and taxes covered) as well as the grey T3i (which is cheaper again).

The 600D to me makes more sense for the extra (it was about £20 more than the t3i.


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Digital Rev sell both the 600D (which gets UK warranty and taxes covered) as well as the grey T3i (which is cheaper again).

This isn't 100% true and needs some clarification

(i) Warranty. The camera is covered by warranty but this is not by Canon. It is provided by Digital Rev, presumably through a third party. So in event of a fault they will take it and get it fixed. Semantics I know just wanted the reader to know that it isn't Canon Warranty.

(ii) Import taxes and duty. Read the T&Cs below. This cover has to be purchased seperately on some product and countries but for others it is included in the price you see (I think for cameras to the UK it is included). But how it works isn't really covering the taxes. What your purchase includes is an insurance premium. Digital Rev are taking a gamble that it won't get stopped. If it does then you will still have to pay import taxes and duty, but you can then claim them back from Digital Rev. And there is a further caveat, Digital Rev will pay a maximum of twice (200%) of the price of the premium. So it is possible that you won't get all your taxes refunded.

Terms of Conditions of Sales -

(read sections 4 and 8)

If I were going to buy a grey import I will get from HDEW.

Online Retailer of Professional SLR digital cameras and digital camcorders with lenses, camcorder and camera accessories, including tripods, batteries, lenses, microphones, lenses from all major brands such as Canon and Nikon

Warranty is still on the same basis but they do give you 3 years warranty which is a bonus.

The big thing is that there is no risk of import taxes and duty because they have already imported them and they are shipped to you from their premises in Surrey.

Not sure how they compare on price though.



HDEW - 600D with 15-55 kit lens. £460 with 3 year warranty. Still a grey import but shipped from the UK so no risk of import taxes. Also badged as a 600D, not a Rebel.

Some other lens option packages aswell.
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