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Any plumbers here? Need some advice..


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Just wondered if anyone could shed some light on a problem we've got, basically out of 3 cold taps upstairs (main bathroom bath and sink, ensuite sink) 2 of them have stopped working and pressure on the other seems to be getting worse all the time. When the first one stopped working I thought it was probably the tap itself but the fact 2 don't work and 1 is getting worse seems to suggest that's not the case. What's the problem likely to be? The downstairs taps all work fine (kitchen sink and downstairs toilet).
Obviously we'll have to get a plumber in but wondered if anyone had experience of this so I know what to expect (i.e. how much :( )



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I'm not a plumber but....

It sounds like a pressure problem. There could be a couple of reasons for this. Have you checked for any leaks-you could have a leak somewhere in the pipe run to the upstairs taps. Is your internal and external stop tap fully open? This can cause a major drop in water pressure if they are only half open. And any newbuilds in your area could cause problems.

Again, I'm not a plumber, but I would check the stop taps before calling plumbers in, they cost a blimming fortune.


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Well I haven't touched any stop taps , don't even know where they are to be honest! I'll see if I can locate them though and check. As for the cost, that's what I'm worried about, just hope it doesn't turn out to be an expensive fix! Haven't noticed any water leaks anywhere i.e. no damp downstairs at all. The hot water taps are all fine too, I'm sure there's a rationale explanation for that but I'm not a plumber!
Thanks for the reply



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I suspect that the downstairs taps are fed direct from the mains whilst upstairs is fed from a header tank in the loft.

One scenario that would fit is that the ball valve in the header tank isn't operating correctly preventing it from filling. This would also affect the hot supply if you have a cylinder tank but I'm guessing not if you have a combi boiler?

Get up in the loft & see if the header tank is full. If it is, there could be a blockage in the outlet to the upstairs cold taps.

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