Any personal recommendations? £200-£300 players


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I have been trawling through the reviews section looking for a DVD player that would suit my needs but thought I would seek out some 'real world' experience! ;)

I have about 200-300 squid to spend on a new player. It will mainly be used for movies but I would also like it to play audio CDs well so I can ditch my (now aging) Yamaha CDX390 CD player!

My system (as it currently stands) is:

- Yamaha 640RDS Amp
- Tannoy M2 Fronts
- Mordaunt Short MS905 Centre
- Wharfedale Diamon 7.1 Rears
- Toshiba SD100 DVD
- Panasonic NVHS830 VCR
- Hitachi 42PMS400E Plasma

I am quite interested in the NAD T533 but have also heard good things about the comparable Denon and Marantz models. I have also been very pleased with my Yamaha equipment until now!

In time, the plasma will become the small TV and I will install a projector and move the M2s to the rear to make room for some of the new Fusion 3s.

Connectivity wise, it's got to be component.

Oh, and multi-region too please!

So, any advice?


Sony DVP-NS955. Seen this in Sony shop the otehr day and it seems a quality piece of kit. I'm not exactly a big Sony fan but I have heard nothing but good things about it. RRP £270 - You can pich one up online for £207 ish.

Alternatively, I have the new Marantz DV4500 which is an absolute cracker! This will save you money too. It retails at £200, but as I informed another guy a couple of days ago, I think theres one on eBay for £165 (I think it's still on). It says the unit is brand new with full guarantee. It might be worth a look.

About your speakers, I see you have the 905c. Have you thought about keeping the front 3 matching and going for the 906 fronts? I have these and they are superb. I would check em out.


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I'm not overly enamoured with Sony either but will check out the model you mentioned! The Marantz you have does seem to be excellent. How do you find it with CD audio? Is the performance for audio less to make up for the performance on video/movie (or vice versa)?

Hadn't thought about the MS fronts to be honest! I love my M2s (althought they must be about 10 years old now!) so automatically assumed I would go for Tannoy again!


ok Weon,

I'll give you my honest opinion on the Marantz DV4500. Take into account the fact that over the last two and a bit years I have used:

Pioneer DV550
NAD T512
Cambridge Audio 540D
Denon DVD-1400
Denon DVD-1910
Yamaha S540

Every one of the above machines was changed/upgraded due either a fault, or poor performance in one area. I will not go into details.

Marantz DV4500
Picture performance
I have only used RGB scart - of course Prog Scan will be better. The only player i've had from the above which comes close to the Marantz is the Denon DVD-1400 (but this retailed at £400!). The Marantz produced excellent quality images. Detail and colours are perfect. It handles image motion very smoothly indeed. The best i've had for this.
Sound performance
Through surround sound the Marantz is even better than the NAD T512, and that was no slouch. I have tried many different films so far and the Marantz is suitable for all types. Excellent detail and clarity. With CDs the Marantz is amazing for a DVD player. Unless you want real high-end performance with your CDs, you will be happy to use the Marantz as a CD player too.
Build quality
Again, the superior machine of the above lot - even better than the Cambridge Audio 540D in my opinion. The Marantz looks and feels like it's made to last. The fascia's controls are excellent, and the disc tray glides very quietly and smoothly. Although the unit is light in weight (like most models) the unit is very sturdy with an all metal case and aluminium front panel.

I have no complaints at all about this unit. Even at full price of £200 I think it's a bargain. If that one on eBay is still up for grabs, I would go for it mate. It's a steal. :thumbsup:


I got mine from, but it was their last one - the reason being that Marantz are no longer supplying for online retailers (due to complaints of high street hifi retailers 'losing out'). There may be a few kicking around from companies like Superfi or AVLand, but I would hurry (unless you can get to a high street shop). Alternatively, you could check out the one on eBay (if it's still there).


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GFS AV said:
Sony DVP-NS955. Seen this in Sony shop the otehr day and it seems a quality piece of kit. I'm not exactly a big Sony fan but I have heard nothing but good things about it. RRP £270 - You can pich one up online for £207 ish.
I've got its predcesessor (930) & I can vouch for its PQ & I paid £240 for it last year - £207 is a good price but not quite a bargain...
nashb said:
Sorry to but in but where can u buy one of these Marantz beauties?
Your right it is such a problem to find one of these, some shops told me they dont stock them or other Marantz stuff , i tried one for two days and thought it not worth the £200 anyway ,but thats my findings only, my Limit 900se tuned by cyrus walks all over it for £100 is tuned by cyrus ie some of the best attention ,so much better built i found and the picture was fab , the marantz built was in comparison lightwieght and i was sadly dissapointed, not as nice as my old 4300 ,that may be why not a lot of them on sale is there funny eh ! , two people or three on the forum who seem to know so much more than i agreed that the marantz 4500 may be cloned ? there a part of denon now i believe , and there chepo player in this price range is also cheapo in build and whats under the lid they seemed to say , you should try before you buy this one imho though just pick it up and feel if you like it as i found it very un marantz like in build and performance, there receivers are better built for sure i had a 7400 and the sound only good but the build exellent imho, but i am maybe more fussy than some here? so dont take my findings as gospel as well as others findings on the forum thats a golden rule you know , try for your self if you can find a dealer who has one ? that seems to be the big problem with the baby marantz.

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Try Superfi for the Marantz DVD players and amps if you want to buy one out right without demoing - they seem to stock most, if not the whole range.


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do you want hdmi/dvi or just component?


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For my current setup it would be component but I guess for future proofing (connecting to a projector when I get it - poss a Snayo Z2 or Z3) it wouldn't hurt to look at other connections.


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The panasonic s97 gets good reviews on this site and then denon 1910 too for their digital output. However I think there are better component performers such as the new marantz and the sony players. Search the reviews on this site and get a short list then demo them.


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Cheers deanym! I have a rough idea of the models I like but it's always a good idea to get input from other owners to see what they have to say!



Have you decided against the Marantz one? I thought you'd have snapped up that one on eBay? That one was sold but the same guy has another one on their now - i've just had a look. I'm wondering whether he has a connection with a retailer? Either way it seems a bargain.

Another model I would suggest is the Sony 955.


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GFS AV - I have't really decided either way. I am in no great hurry to get a new player but it will happen fairly soon. I just like to make an informed choice!

The front runners at the moment are the Marantz and the NAD (although no-one seems to have any experience of the NAD)


I had a NAD T512. I don't know whether theyve improved much, but the picture motion on mine seemed very blocky and unstable. The sound quality was excellent though!

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