Any opinions on the Panasonic DMR-E30?




Has anyone used, demoed or have the Panasonic DMR-E30.

Would anyone consider this unit a good buy or are there any serious floors such as no RGB, bud picture etc....?



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Hi. Greedy person I am i have just got the E30 to compliment my E20 for dubbing purposes.

Like the E20 the E30 is a brilliant piece of kit. Picture perfect describes both units. I have only had the E30 a few days. Spec say RGB in/out.

The E30 is a cut back version of the E20. On the UK models there are for example no brightness,contrast controls as such. There are pre-sets that affect the picture levels though. This does not affect it's job of being a brilliant recorder. The US version of the E30 does have the above mentioned.

If you want a DVD recorder that will give you 2 hours of high quality video the E30 will do just that.


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Most AV magazine reviews have been very positive about the DMR-E30, And so do I since I have mine for a couple of weeks now.

No RGB problems at all, I have a TIVO (Setup with Telewest) plugged into the AV2 SCART on the DMR-E30, All set to RGB to my Panasonic WS TV on AV1 which is the only RGB SCART socket. No problems at all, I can archive material from my TIVO onto DVD-RAM / DVD-R and same would apply if I was to archive or transfer material from Video to DVD.

Picture is good but I would say like most things a dedicated DVD player something like a Toshiba 220 or maybe a Pioneer DV-454 are probably better picture wise, But I can't complain as my previous DVD Player was Playstation 2 which is nothing great but DMR-E30 is much better than all those budgets DVD players.

If you hunt around you can buy it for £399.

The North American version has it all it even has Component out as well, And the choice of Silver or Black finish, Did not know that the US version had Brightness and Contrast options as well, One thing I had hoped for was a Eject button on the remote but nope there is not one but using my Philips Pronto remote and using IR code from Panasonic DVD-RV31 found that the DMR-E30 supports eject via a remote :), I wonder if the US DMR-E30 has the Brightness and Contrast adjustable via remote control :), Probably not


This may or may not work, but on Pana VCR's if you hold down the STOP button for 5-6 seconds, the tape will eject. Might work on the E30 too.


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Quote: I wonder if the US DMR-E30 has the Brightness and Contrast adjustable via remote control , Probably not.


Someone scanned and posted to me the relevant page from a E30 US unit. The controls are found in the video menu under the title of "user" . All of which is operated by the remote control!

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