Any one help me with this computer prob please

tony kop77

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I cant shut down my pc everytime i try to click on start then shut down it says cannot quit in a small box with windows icon.
I have to switch it off from the computer if i keep doing this will i damage files turning it off this way and anyone know why its doing this thanks


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If you post a more literate explanation it might be possible to diagnose this problem....

What does the error message say?
What operating system are you using?
etc etc

Its a bit like saying "My car wont start" but not saying if its diesel, petrol, electric etc....

You'd probably benefit from a basic computer course too.

tony kop77

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I am useing windows 98 second edition the error it says is cannot quit with a little windows icon in a small box thats all it says.
i think this started to happen when i installed ad-aware but i have since uninstalled this and still hapens though it never used to


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Press control alt delete and see if it tells you which programme is not responding.

then/or run sysconfig from the command line and disable the offending item. reboot the machine and see if that fixes it.

If it doesnt try disabling everying in the sysconfig and then reinstitute them one by one (rebooting each time) until you find the one that stops the machine shutting down.


If you're still unsure I suggest you might try asking on this PC forum.

Hope that helps.

tony kop77

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Thanks for your help everything is fine now thank you :).

I pressed ctrl alt delete and closed 1 program at a time to see which program stopped it shutting down it was an update thing that was causing the problem thansk again

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