Any one help me to select Jamo speaker?



I have amps Denon AVR-3805 and going to get speakers for music and
movies (7.1). In our market available only D570 and D590 and all D4
serials (D450, D430, D400, D4SUB, D4CEN). In my mind i like D590 but
for movies D5 serial is missing surround and sub speakers (for 7.1
Q: 1. which speakers (sub, surround, back surround) can be suitable
with D590.
2. Which better (D5 or D4 serials)?

Thanks a lot.


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D5 series are superb speakers, I like them a lot.
I tested the whole D4 serie - both on music and cinema it sound awful. Really. Nothing alike D5. Nothing.

So, if you can buy D8 series, or D5 front and combine them with something else not D4.


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