Any one can recommend a UV Light Santizer?


I have a lot of paperwork that comes from different sources and it is difficult to clean to make sure it is free of germs.

I thought a UV Light Sanitizer might work.

Has anyone tried one, especially one of the bigger sized ones (e.g. big enough to fit A4 paper)? How do you know it's killing germs?

I see a lot on Amazon but they all come from companies I have never heard of, so I am not sure how legitimate they are.
Thanks for any recommendations!

PS I won't be just using it for paperwork, but also gadgets too (e.g. mobile phone), which are known to collect germs.
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UV Light sanitizers work by creating Ozone which is toxic to most (including human) biological life. So you are looking to install a poison gas generator. The ones that come up on Amazon are...well dodgy to say the least. They can cause burns and temporary blindness. There are some YouTube videos around if you are interested, then you can make up your own mind



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Maybe a cylinder of Ethylene Oxide maybe a better alternative.... It’s a great steriliser.


Hydrogen Peroxide mist??

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