Any News Of The Freeview 7 Day EPG?


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Is there any news when the official Freeview 7 day EPG will be starting? I've been out the country for several months so have heard nothing on this.

I know there are several freeview boxes with an 'unofficial' 7 day EPG coming (is this GEMSTAR Guideplus?) but what about the official one? Is it still mooted for Winter 04?


Im in the London area and we picked up a 7 day EPG (not sure if it was the official one) on our Pace Twin for a few days late last year. It was the second time that we had received this, the other being a few months before that.

IMO, it was not really usable as it was just sooooo slooow. Maybe the manufacturers will bring out a software release to better handle the extra data or the EPG can be tweaked to provide a faster service. Its not as if the twin is slow, so I guess it would be totally unusable on the old OnDigital boxes.



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I think it's going to be a 3-4 day one now due to technical probs.


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I think it's going to be a 3-4 day one now due to technical probs
:mad: That's annoying! Any idea what the 'technical' problems are? Lack of bandwidth to transmit the thing?


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I've got a freeview 7 day epg, all the people in south wales have it :smoke:

I guess you'll be better of living in Wales :D :rolleyes:

I guess it'll launch soon though


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I guess you'll be better of living in Wales
Sounds like it! Is it being broadcast as a test then in South Wales only? And what Digibox are you using if you don't mind me asking? And how does it look and feel? Is it fast/slow? Any Pace Twin users using it to set 'timer' recordings?


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I use a pace FTVA, its just like the standard now and next, but for alot longer (full info for programmes, etc), it does load the epg quite fast for the mux you're on, but for other moxes to load the complete guide takes about 30 seconds to a minute.

I think its only in south wales as my brother in Aberythwyth doesn't recieve it.


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