Any new way of getting sky if you have trees outside your house ?


Hi its been about a 16 months since I tried to get sky TV, and at the time I couldn't get it as there were trees outside my house.

Just wondering if they ever released another way off getting sky TV to solve the problems of trees directly outside my House. ??

thanks for any help :smashin:


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B&Q sell chain-saws.

Seriously there is no way of getting a reliable signal through trees.

How high are the trees above the highest point a dish could be mounted and how far away are the trees?

Could a dish be mounted on the other side of the house and pointed over the roof?

For every metre of height you need to clear the trees moving a dish 2 metres away will clear the trees as the Sky satellite is roughly at an elevation of 25 degrees above horizontal.


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Try an independent. Even though Sky say trees are in the way, this may only be the case for a bog-standard installation. A friend of mine had the same problem......he ended up having a pole erected in his front garden (hidden in a bush), with the dish mounted facing his house......result - perfect reception. Sky said he couldn't have a dish because of the trees, which was true at the back of his house.

Alot of the time, there are ways around it.

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