Any new remotes worth looking at, at CES 2008?


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I've seen the Harmony One thing but it adds nothing for me. I'm was rather hoping for wifi and bluetooth to make my next remote future proof...

Harmony One

Is nothing else new on the horizon as better ergonomics and a fancy screen does nothing for me, as I'm sure the 'wow' factor would soon wear off with this one....


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See here for a few more

Although its only a concept the TvCompass remote sounds interesting. I also like the RCA sideshow thing. makes it a lot easy to use my HTPC for music without turning on the plasma.

Nothing that revolutionary or exciting though. I really don't like the look of the Harmony 1


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Cheers Jim. I took a look at remotecentral just after posting the question and TBH, nothing really floats my boat. I was hoping that we would start to see an affordable remote with wifi and bluetooth so I can bin this hideous PS3 thing! I honestly thought someone would have tackled the PS3 situation and announced it at CES. Oh well, seeing as how the future's blu, I suppose I should get used to it!!

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