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Aug 16, 2005
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im thinking of buying this system for a small/medium sized bedroom its a special deal on the high street ,it also comes with all the cables and some speaker stands.

nad c320bee
nad c521bee

speakers: acoustic energy aegis evo 1

is this system anygood.

yeah, the amp and the cd player are great...can't comment of the speakers tho, but if it all comes as a deal, and you're unable to demo...and you ain't happy, then I dare say you could sell the speakers on

but the system will need time to burn in tho
Have a pair of Acoustic Energy Evo One's. They sound great.
The pairing of my NAD AV Amp & The Acoustic Energy's works a treat. Using QED silver Anniv speaker wire on mine (£5 or £5.50 a metre).
Really crispens things up on the treble and mid

Hope this helps.

Not much to compare it against, except my prev Sony seperates.

Have used:
Mission (plastic-composite-cabinet) speakers (cannot remember model but
cost £110+
Mission 700's
Mission 702e
Sony SS-MF 515 (180w 3-way floorstanders)
Acoustic Solutions floorstanders

Nearly all of these speakers cost more than the acoustic energy Evo Ones, and none were as good or even very close.

Lovely sound, fairly transparent, though just a little warmth produced to take the edge of things. Crystal Highs & pronounced mids. Think they go down to 50Hz too which is pretty decent when we're talking standmounts.
Mount on something solid like a decent speaker stand. I'm happy with my stands for £50. Adds solidity & a touch of class.
Blu-tack hold mine to the stands (still rated one of best methods)

Hope this helps.
i think i might get this system soon.

thanks for the replys
Another happy owner of NAD gear here! I've got the C521BEE CD player and C320BEE amp. I can highly recommend them - superb sound for the money!

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