Any mountain bike experts out there?


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What is the normal retail price for a 2-3 year old mountain bike vs it's original value?

I think this bike was >£400 in it's heyday and I think I found it online for about £350 when some stores were flushing out stock.

It's probably done <100miles - it's from a friend who says it's still on the original tyres and they still look pretty decent.

Apols if I mis-type these specs / mis-spell names, but this is all from memory!

Hardrock, Specialized, w/ front suspension and disc brakes.
17" frame, 26" wheels
A1 Aluminium frame, Shimano 24 speed, not sure on the deraileurs / changers, but it's the trigger style changers.
Disc breaks are cable-type (not hydr)
I think the front shocks are RST Gila T4's or something like that - if that helps date/price the bike at all?

What would be a fair price for it given that it is a few years old, but also that it's a genuine sale and I know it's had limited use and no problems?



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Bikes don't hold their prices very well. Models are generally upgraded/replaced each year, if not throughout the year. From your decsiption I'd guess at the model you are talking about is a Specialized Hardrock Sport Disc(the 2005 model).

Might be worth looking at a few of these:;jsessionid=B5A6137E75284AA1F7182915A7DEF2E0.tc6?style=70143

They list prices of £299 for the 2007 model reduced from £369.

If the bike is in excellent condition(as you suggest) I think you're looking at £200 max for a sale. Would be a good buy for somebody looking to take up riding and wanting a decent first bike for less.

Hope this helps.


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thanks - much what I thought: it looks like it's a 2-year old bike that's moved house with him several times and not been ridden much. Not mint, but v close).

I was guessing "£150-£175", but he had said something about thinking he could get £200 on eBay - not a big differenence, but that must have been on the v optimistic side!

I've just given him a "nudge" (thanks for those links!!) and we've agreed to £150 - which is probably fair - given it means zero hassle for him (it's already at my house) and it's not like he would be likely to get THAT much more for it.... plus I get a decent bike that I know has had very little use...

Artie Fufkin

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£150 sounds good to me - I'd go for that. The Hardrock is considered by absolutely everyone as being the best starter choice of "proper" mountain bikes. I bought a regular braked [not disc] one from Edinburgh Cycles for £299 in June, but bu88er me, when I took it back in for it's 6 week free service, there on the shop floor they were selling them off [the 2007 model] for £229 :(


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Thanks - I'd got the impression it was a pretty decent "starter" option.... which is plenty for me.

Kinda like your first hi-fi separates? :D

£150 is signed and sealed... now it's okay to move my toe-clips, bottle carrier, pump clip, lights, etc across from the old bike - I know not all that stuff should be on a "mountain" bike, but they're realistic must-have's if you're actually using the bike, rathen than "competing"....

Steve T

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Sounds like a good deal there. The Hardrock isn't the lightest of bikes but the plus side is they're pretty bomb proof so should take a lot of abuse.

It'll be a good bike for general off-road use and the cable brakes will be better stoppers than V-Brakes especially in the wet, but will require a bit more maintenance than hydraulics.



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Steve - weight is NOT an issue: compared to my outgoing bikes (British Knight commuter bike and steel-framed mountain bike), this is an absolute dream!!

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