Any more news on a possible new GBA?


Dom H

Heard about an all new GBA2 in the works but what about the updated backlit, four buttoned version talked about recently?

which is it all new GBA2 or Updated GBA??


I have read about a revised second generation GBA (same games but slightly different unit including a back light) being released in Q3 next year (Japan).

But I can't see Nintendo breaking away from total GBA baseline compatibility for some years to come as it would not make financial sense to do so (The GBA and games are still selling nicely and the original GB lasted basically unchanged for 10 years).

Also, Nintendo have a long way to go before there is going to be any drying up of what they can port from the SNES let alone new material.


Sorry Dom, been away with the flu >_< I haven't heard any hard facts just yet other then the news already posted. Its going to be an updated GBA rather than the GBA 2 thats for sure.

I personally hope it doesn't come out yet but with the recent-ish press of Ericsson releasing a 3D hand-held and Nokia doing the same things could heat up. The GBA can also do 3D if you have seen the BlueRose engine running... Very impressive since its all done by the 32-bit CPU on the GBA and nothing else. Wonder if Nintendo might adopt a SuperFX chip for the GBA as well?

Dom H

What about the news that Nin have officially announced they are working on a GBA2?

Quick question while your here. I'm replacing the screen on my gba as it got scratched, whats the best way to remove all the dust between the glass screen and the plastic outerscreen?




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I don't know the best way, but you could try a solder sucker or just a can of compressed air, thats what I use for my computer components.

As far as GBA 2 goes, it will be a long time before that comes out I expect, we will likely see an improvement in the ROM technology, ala Diddy Kong Racing with the movement chips in there to detect which way you are tilting the GBA.


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Ericsson have announced another upcoming handheld console, should Nintendo worry?

Red Jade is an upcoming handheld console from Ericsson and it boasts 64-bit capabilities.

Ericsson made the announcement to bring back this handheld (once delayed due to financial problems) in Asia last week. They also stated that they hope for a 2003 launch. It will be able to process graphics somewhere between Playstation 1 and the N64. Below are the specs:

64-bit CPU

3D polygon graphics

Multi-channel PCM Sounds

TFT LCD display, 65536 colors

Mobile phone rechargeable battery

Blue Tooth technology enable wireless communication between 2 or more machines

Download game titles from secured game servers

Retail price will be less than US$100 (around £63)

If they get the game support, might push Nintendo to sort it out, however given the previous situation with the Lynx and Gamegear I doubt they have much to worry about. Lets not forget the killer handheld app...... POKEMON



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I saw this on magic box today.

funny thing is, sony bought ercisson last year, so this is what a portable playstation will be ;)


::Has been waiting for his Sony Ericsson P800 mobile phone since May...:: Sadly its £500 but I'll buy it in feb ^_^

As for the talks of the GBA 2... Indeed it is in the R&D stages as is the successor to the GameCube and there really isn't anything new announced yet. The PS3 has been in development for years now and MS are talking about R&D for the Xbox 2 so really its just wise for such companies to keep tabs on the dynamic 3D market.

Dom, I agree with Sinzer about using compressed air to get rid of dust and the like from the screens, since I also do the same for PC components and its works well. Haven't used other methods since they seem to complicate matters and/or are not effective.

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