Any money in a spent plasma?

Steve Kelly

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After nearly 10 fab years, my GT-50 broke the other night - there was a 2" strip of duff light across the whole screen for a bit, I didn't know it was on its way out, so I performed the scrolling bar to try clear it, it cleared it for 5 mins, then there was a loud pop and no more tv, and then the 7 blinking red lights of doom.

I've written it off and got its replacement already, but was wondering if there might be any way to get cash for the old set? I guess to put up on ebay for spares? it's a fair old chunk of metal and components so hoping there's something in it, even if that's not that much! Sell for scrap somewhere?

I wouldn't want to go down the old "get it repaired and sell for a bit more" - just cos I wouldn't want any responsibility if a repair didn't last long!

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