Any MMO Games??

Tequila Sunset

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Hy Guys,

Just wondering if there any mmo or mmorpg games out there for the 360? Or if theres any decent ones coming out? all my mates have got world of warcraft and they say thats amazing but i cant play it because my pc is like a toaster, and i dont really fancy paying £800 for a new one. Also the new lord of the rings game luks awesome but annoyingly thats also just for the PC.:mad:


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I believe Age of Conan is coming to the 360 too (not sure that you'll be playing the with PC players though).

Tequila Sunset

Well-known Member
Thanks guys, that Age of Conan looks sooooo sweet. Exactly wot ive been lukin for. Its won loads of awards already apparantly for best mmo. Sucks a bit that it aint coming till 2008 tho:(

Daddy k

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well i think if they make the next GTA online side MMO, it would be amazing!


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Multi Theft Auto :smashin:

Best you'll get I reckon as I cant see R* making GTA into a MMO.

Still need to try MTA myself actually, been meaning to do it for a long time.

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