any major probs with the ds lite


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hi all, My wife wanted to get a handheld for our 5yr old daughter, she was talking about an old gameboy or something but I wasnt having any of that.. I looked at the PSP and decieded that it just doesnt have the games for a 5yr old girl, then I saw the ds in pink and thought WOW.. she would love that.. then I say the DS Lite and it was so much prettier and the screen is great.. then I noticed you can buy the DS lite in Japan in PINK.. my daughetr would love it but obviously this means issues over warranty.. this made me wonder how many people think there are issues with build quality or dodgy screens etc that I shoudl seriously think about before buying an import???




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mmmm.. well you could always consider buying from AN IMPORTER and tell them to check for minor faults as such eg.dead pixels.

Other than that you can gurantee that Nintendo products are the MOST reliable and im sure if you do have any faults then im sure the importer will gladly sort that out for you:)


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cant think of any importers to be honest, I had planned on buying from ebay..

If you know of any then please feel free to let me know.



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You can order one from here:

I know the guy well and have been buying from him for years. Got my DS/DS Lite and PSP from him. If he doesnt have the Pink DS Lite in stock he will order one for you. Based in London (i think) so you can return it to him if there are any major problems. Give him an e-mail anyway.


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I bought a navy blue ds lite fairly imminent after the launch. I play it on a regular basis and have not had any problems with it. Only problem is a stuck green pixel which can only be viewed on a black screen which is on the top screen. Funny thing is, that pixel only appeared a few months after I got it.


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I bought a navy blue DS Lite off ebay, the guy was a UK trader. Had good feedback so went for it. Cost £109, came with a UK adapter too (the one in the box is a japanese one).

The only slight issue is that when you switch it on it will be in japanese language but a bit of fiddling in the setup menu soon sorts that.

Top machine, no problems so far.

PS the ebay seller was "gadgetvillage".

PPS for some reason the pink ones are £119.


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cheers PJ, your a star. most people I know who are after the dsl are after a pink one and so it seems to be pushing the price up a bit...


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there are a few pink ones on ebay complete with supercard etc for £175 which aint bad either:)

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